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Add A Touch Of Africa To Your Home

Experience the vibrant colors and rich culture of Africa on your walls

Browse our collection of rare African-inspired canvas wall art

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African art is functional, it serves a purpose. It's not a dormant. It's not a means to collect the largest cheering section. It should be healing, a source a joy. Spreading positive vibrations.

Yasiin BeyAmerican rapper and actor

African art has a unique ability to convey the emotions and experiences of an entire people. Through its use of color, shape, and form, it communicates a rich cultural heritage that has the power to inspire and transform.

Thelma GoldenAmerican museum curator

African art is a reflection of the diverse cultural traditions of the continent. It is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of its people, and it celebrates the rich history and heritage of Africa.

Yinka ShonibareBritish-Nigerian artist

African art is unique in its ability to convey emotion and tell a story. It is not just a decorative object, but a powerful means of communication that transcends language and cultural barriers.

Kehinde WileyAmerican painter

Discover the Beauty of African Canvas Art

Welcome to Wall Art Africa, where we bring the beauty and richness of African culture straight to your walls. Our rare collection of African-inspired canvas art features unique, quality pieces that showcase the vibrancy, color, and soul of this diverse continent.

We are passionate about sharing the stories and traditions of Africa through our art, and believe that every piece has a story to tell.

It’s The Little Things.

We believe that art should not only be beautiful, but also meaningful. By bringing rare African-inspired canvas art into your home, you are not only adding a unique and stunning piece to your decor, but also connecting with the rich cultural heritage of Africa.